Professional Business CCTV

from £2 a Day

4K Business CCTV Leasing

No Upfront Costs

  • Free Site Survey

Our CCTV Package Includes

  • Full system design
  • Complete system installation with training
  • Regular maintenance visits
  • Continuous warranty within your lease
  • Unlimited technical support
cctv engineer at work

Why lease?

  • Help your cash flow by spreading the cost of your business security equipment
  • Your security equipment can also be 100% tax deductible against profits
  • By leasing with Securico CCTV you’ll free up other lines of credit
  • Your security equipment has access to regular updates and maintenance, plus you have to option to purchase at the end of the term

Our CCTV systems will help your business in the following ways

Helps to provide a safe space for all employees and staff. The presence of CCTV alone can deter problems within the workplace: HR issues, health and safety, scams and fraud.

Protects your business assets such as stock, equipment and cash.

With CCTV footage, disputes can be quickly resolved bringing both criminal and insurance cases to a close as fast as possible.

Assists you with meeting any legal requirements within your industry with continuous recording for as many days as you need.

To find out more please contact us on 0330 222 1637

Bullet CCTV camera installed to building
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